Feb 10, 2019

How capable are you when it comes to satisfying your wife in the bed room? 

There are different reasons for men weakness in bed, but the major reasons for men weakness in bed range from physical to psychological reasons.

The intimacy couples share make their relationship stronger. Sex is one of the tools that cements every relationship, but if one party does not fulfill sexual desire of the other party troubles and doubting gradually set in.

When a man failed to satisfy his wife sexually, the woman might consider it as sex starvation and this problem is one of the factors causing marital problems. However, if a man could fulfill his marital duty, I don’t see any tangible reason why a woman should have someone else.

There are five major reasons for men weakness in bed which make them leave their wives stranded.


1. Premature Ejaculation

This is one of the main reasons why some men are unable to stay long in bed. It occurs when you release sooner during sexual intercourse than you expected. Both psychological and biological factors could play a vital role in premature ejaculation.


2. Lack of Sexual Skill

Everything in life requires skills, same thing applicable to sex. Women love who can make them reach climax. If you stay up to twenty mins in bed without satisfying your woman, she would consider you as a lazy and poor sex mate.
As a real man you must know where to touch that will make her crave for more. Sex is not all about ”mount and discharge”. It is important for you to learn about sexual skills in order to save your marriage.

3. Masturbation

This is one of the reasons that cause man weakness in bed, masturbation is never good for both men and women. It kills sexual urges, those who often train their bodies with masturbation easily get off quickly.

4. Small Manhood

Survey gathered shows that women like bigger manhood, believing that bigger manhood tends to satisfy them better than men with smaller ones. Have you ever asked your woman if she is okay by your size?

Have seen several cases, where a wife divorces her husband because of his small size. There are some little things which couples always shy away from and it means a lot in marriage. I trust you won’t want same to be applicable to you. Therefore, there are many products out there which you may buy to increase your size.

5. Sex Position

Most men don’t know what they want, talk less of how their partner want it. Sex position are formula for great sex. Reason for your weakness in bed might not be because of medical reasons.
There are different styles for sex position such as doggy style, spooning, cow girl, missionary etc. You and your wife should talk about the best position that will help both of you and the one that suits your strength.

Most men feel embarrassed to talk about their sexual life, even with their wives. The good news is if you are having any sexual challenges, it is treatable. All you need is to visit a medical expert and get yourself treat, talking to an expert can be a great advantage to amend your sex life.

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